The future is a set of infinite number of possibilities, limited solely by one’s imagination. The image of the future is constantly changing, adapting new and new versions. Utopia, anti-utopia, social harmony, or technological disasters — all are equal possibilities. The future is like a horizon line seeing in the middle of ocean; it seems evenly far to reach and equally hazy to see it clearly.

On the contrary, the past seems to be completed, sealed with wax, and filed on a shelf in the warehouse of history. To learn it, you merely have to find a folder of a particular day-month-year, open it, and read loud a list of wars, festivals, traditions, and even languages. But as soon as you believe that the history is defined and solid, you discover it is full of vesicles or bubbles. History is like a stone, but not granite, it is more like pumice – a floating stone.

The performance is an attempt to question how the present is effected by images of the past and the future. While a pumice stone is dry, it is able to float in any possible direction. When its vesicles are filled with water, it goes down to the bottom. However, if others follow it, it may become a bridge linking the past and the future.

o u r    t e a m    /   主创人员

olga merekina / performance concept / 演出概念

vasily betin / installation / lighting design / 装置 / 灯光设计

anastasia potievskaya, steph d’sibo, daria bokova, 于西子, 赵伟彪, mariya spitsyna, zhanna khromykh, 王小明, 董家田, 吴佳潞, 袁阳, 刘潇, 高杰, olga merekina / performance / 表演者

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