I was born and brought up in the countryside of China, a village called Tip of the Mud.

I start to perform in front of people when I was 5 years old,

didn’t get the opportunity to be formally trained as an performer till I was 28 years old.

After 18, I lived and studied in Nanjing、Shanghai、Paris、 Rennes and New York.

I write and dance when I don’t know what to say,

Or have too much to say.

I am an educator who is willing to share,

and who is willing to learn.

I am a wife, a daughter and an older sister,

but before all of that,

I am an artist.

I create because I want my friends to know that I love them.

  • in postproduction   The Orange Cube project as Mom                                 
  • Dec.2020   She Speaks of River as She,13th Shanghai Biennial
  • Oct.2020   When in Doubt, Read Nightwood: Act III, Scene 4 as Robin Wood                
  • Mar.2019   As We Humans Do as Performer                                         
  • Dec.2018   Floating stone as Dancer                                                  
  • Oct. 2018  Ash Whisper as Creator and Leading Actress, 6th Wuzhen International Drama Festival            
  • Oct. 2017  The New MoonasThe Woman, 5th Wuzhen International Drama Festival                          
  • Mar. 8-Mar. 16. 2017  Chekov’s Seagull as Nina,Pudong Lanxin Theater, Shanghai                    
  • Oct. 2016  Molière’s Les Femmes Savantes, 4th Wuzhen International Drama Festival Carnival
  • Sep. 2016  Love’s Labour’s Lost as Rosaline, Pudong Library International Reading Day, Shanghai           
  • Sep. 2016  Molière’s Les Femmes Savantes as Armande, Shanghai International Art Festival         
  • Oct. 2015 15 Rooms, Performance Art Project at LONG Museum